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Maximise your budgets,
Singlify your systems.

By innovating together as a sector, we share the cost of development. Meaning the social sector can finally share the best in class technology for a more affordable investment.


Great solutions at a price that is affordable for organizations with a social purpose.

Fair and Transparent

No surprises, and no special treatment.


Prices set at a level which enables Singlify to provide good customer support and to continue improving the product.

The price you pay is made up of three components.

A one off fee for implementation.

Annual fee which covers a license to use Singlify.

Annual fees payable to Salesforce and other providers of any additional applications.

(We typically recommend apps in addition to Salesforce to support functions such as document signing and payments and will help you negotiate a good deal.)

What is covered?
How is it calculated?
Typical range
Implementation Fees
• Customization
• Data migration
• User training
• Go-live and post go-live support
Days Effort* Day Rate £5,000 to £50,000
Singlify Annual Fees
• License to use, including new developments
• Support
• Membership of Singlify Community
Percentage of Funds Under Management £10,000 – £50,000
Salesforce licenses
• Salesforce licenses for your core team
• Salesforce community licenses for your stakeholders (clients, credit committee members, investors etc.)
Per user per year See Note below
3rd party Annual Fees
• Use of other 3rd party products Depending on third party application Typically between £1,000 to £2,000 per year for application

All eligible non profit organizations receive 10 subscriptions of Salesforce’s premium ‘Sales & Service Cloud Enterprise Edition’ at no cost through the Power of Us program and get deep discounts on additional subscriptions. Pricing is set by Salesforce but we can talk you through the type of licenses you need to run Singlify and introduce you to the right account executives at or