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Singlify Spring ’21 release

We are very excited to present you the Singlify Spring’21 Release. First of all, we want to thank all our customers who have helped us shape this new release by requesting new features, suggesting improvements or even discovering bugs. This has been and will always be the main driver for shaping our product roadmap.

Let’s have a look at the main new or improved features in this brand new release.

1: Loan Origination Workflows

Our Spring ’21 release sees the birth of the Singlify Origination Suite. Our Origination package consists of a set of processes, components and best practices that can be fine-tuned to the demands of your origination process.

Whether it is a manual process or a fully automated one, whether it is customer-facing or aimed at your own internal people, whether it makes use of integrations with external systems or not, we can compose the origination process that is the right fit for you. When implementing our Origination Suite, we combine state-of-the-art Salesforce functionality with our internal knowledge and experience on Origination processes and add some built-for-purpose Singlify technical components. Ask your Singlify contact for further details or a demo!

2: Enhanced Loan Rescheduling

Based on feedback received from our customers, we have revised our rescheduling functionality and made a number of important improvements across the board.

We’ve completely redesigned the Custom Reschedule user interface. It now gives you a much better overview of exactly what is being rescheduled and for what reason.

We also improved the schedule preview functionality for all actions that generate or modify a loan schedule. The preview now shows side-by-side next to the (re-)schedule parameters. Consequently, this allows you to immediately test and see the effect that different input parameters have on the new schedule.

On top of these great enhancements, we’ve made a ton of smaller improvements that will make your life as a loan officer or investment manager a lot easier.

  • we’ve added a simplified reschedule date selection for basic reschedule scenarios like change payment date and insert grace period
  • we now store a snapshot of the new schedule whenever you do a reschedule. This enables a full audit trail of the loan’s repayment schedule.
  • there’s now the ability to add comments in a ‘rationale’ field whenever you perform a reschedule or other loan action.
  • on Custom Reschedule there’s new functionality to assume payment of future schedules in the case you are doing a reschedule in the future (e.g. changing the interest rate 3 months in advance)

3:  Introduction of Loan Monitoring Fee

Monitoring fees (aka management fees or maintenance fees) are fees that are paid continuously throughout the lifetime of a loan. With this release, we have made Monitoring Fees a standalone fee all across the loans product. This means that you can now separately specify, calculate, track and report on monitoring fees all across your loans portfolio.

We have even enabled the setup of different monitoring fees over the initial grace period of a loan and the remainder of the loan duration. This way you can e.g. charge lower monitoring fees over the initial interest-only period of a loan and switch to a higher rate as soon as principal repayments kick in.

4: Improved Investor Management

Many of our customers have been asking us for a standard way of handling the Investor side of Loan, Grant and Equity Management. Based on the inputs of our customers, finance industry standards and our internal know-how, we’ve developed a model that can be applied to any social investor.
You can now manage your fundraising closes, fund investor drawdown and distribution activities from within the Singlify Investor management functionality. This means that you have a direct connection between investment funding and deployments and can create advanced reports and dashboards for cash flow prediction and fund management.

5. Redesigned Reports and Dashboards

With the Singlify Spring’21 release we have completely redesigned the out of the box reports and dashboards that come with our package.

Over 50 new reports and 10 dashboards have been added in areas such as:

  • ​Loan Portfolio management
  • Origination
  • Portfolio at Risk
  • Tasks and Progress Reporting
  • Singlify User Adoption
  • Data Quality

You can either use the standards reports and dashboards or take a copy and customize them to exactly match your reporting and dashboarding needs.

Don’t forget to up your Salesforce Reports & Dashboards skills first with some free training on trailhead!


6. Fully dynamic Loan pages

You can now fully configure what appears on your loan page and what does not. You can define your own sections, and define the fields or subsections that appear in them. This enables you to only show your users what they need to see and provide for a clean and concise experience.

7. Enhanced transaction processing

We’ve made a number of vital improvements to transaction processing, including:
– improved bulk handling
– introduction of the Transaction Allocation object, containing the exact allocation of a transaction to individual repayment schedule records
– transfer an open interest balance between 2 loans when doing an Internal Transfer.
– introduction of write-off transaction, enabling better processing of and reporting on write-offs

8. Loan Closure automation

All loan closure actions now generate Loan Events. This allows you to add additional validations and audit tracking on different kinds of loan closure events.  E.g. you can force users to close Loans by using the ‘Close Loan’ button, thus allowing them to add an explanation for the closure on a pop-up box.

Salesforce Spring’21 Release highlights

All Singlify customers automatically benefit from the generic Salesforce releases. As usual Salesforce’s Spring ’21 release was packed with new features as well. We particularly like the various improvements made to the Flows technology and the In-App Learning functionality. Learn more about this release on the Salesforce Release Overview Page or jump right onto the release training on Salesforce Trailhead.

More features yet…

And is that all? Of course it’s not all! You can find the full list of new features on our documentation site at If you don’t have access yet, send us a quick message at [email protected] and you’ll be set up within a day.