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Singlify accelerating to success

Singlify is a new company, starting out to build a product that doesn’t exist. We’re defining a new category of social finance management. And we’re doing it with limited resources (three co-founders) and capital (an investment from the Connect Fund).

Now while we’re all really experienced co-founders, combining over 40 years of work in the social sector and 40 years of experience with cloud technology, we’ve not done this before. So we’re always on the lookout for help and assistance to help us make Singlify a great success.

We’ve been really lucky and grateful to be accepted onto two accelerator programmes in the Fintech sector:

  • Salesforce Accelerate Fintech EMEA
  • NatWest Fintech Startup Accelerator

These programmes provide us with access to mentors, workshops and training, technology, legal business advisers and membership of cohorts of people also starting their journeys to build great software in financial services. The support of Salesforce and NatWest and the advisers they connect us to is immensely valuable.

These programmes each run for 5-6 months and have come at a brilliant time for us as we form the company, secure seed investment and built and launch our first product. And we also get 6 months of free office space with the NatWest programme.

We’d like to express our thanks to all involved in the accelerator programmes we’ve joined. Their advice and support has provided us with the fuel to achieve launch velocity!

We’re not a conventional startup, because of our social mission. But the learning, support and networking has all worked just as well for us as for our more commercial cohort members. We’d wholeheartedly recommend these programmes to other social startups.