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Singlify Receives Investment from the Connect Fund

Connect Fund, a social investment infrastructure fund managed by the Barrow Cadbury Trust in partnership with the Access Foundation, to date has awarded £1.9m of grants but this is the first investment which will eventually lead to them taking an equity stake in the company. This Connect Fund investment will enable them to develop their application and take it to market.

Maarten Rooney, CEO of Singlify, said:

“Social investors need access to the best in class technology that will enable them to run their operations more efficiently and effectively. Our Investment Management System will help them manage their entire investment portfolio, covering applications, assessments, loan scheduling and social impact reporting with a single software application. By developing an application specifically for this market, we can provide them with an excellent product at a great price. This will allow our customers to focus on what they do best – making investments in charities and social enterprises to help solve some of society’s biggest problems, while we concentrate on building the systems to support this invaluable work.”

Sara Llewellin, CEO of Barrow Cadbury Trust said:

“We are delighted to be able to invest in Singlify. Barrow Cadbury Trust has a long history of supporting mission-driven social investment and this is an excellent opportunity to invest in a practical solution which addresses a problem for social investors. This is the first time the Connect Fund has made an equity investment in a social enterprise and we hope it will improve the infrastructure of the social investment market.”